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Growing a coaching business can be difficult. 

The never-ending list of to-do’s, “to learn’s” and “to create’s” can leave the best of us avoiding tasks that sit outside of our genius.

The result is over-investing our time into tasks that would be better outsourced to an expert! 

That’s why Illuminating People exists. We’re here to work as an extension of your team. 

We become immersed in your vision and use our expert team to build your messaging, design your brand and launch your online presence for you. 

Our 10 week proccess

In just 10 incredible weeks we move through the tried and tested steps, to structure your business in a way that meets your expectations.

By starting with the business fundamentals and blending coaching with design services, we accelerate the growth of your business while also helping you to make key decisions.

After all, as an expert in your niche, your time should be spent sharing your genius, and coaching and developing your learning resources. 

What's included

Our 10-week process has been refined through our work with inspiring coaches. We know that each of our clients will need tailored support and personal 1:1 sessions, which is why we cap the number of seats we offer to make sure your experience is valuable.  

Business Strategy

Diving deep into your ambitions, needs and wants, our strategy sessions help you create a clear roadmap for your business growth and the steps you need to take. Together we'll create a brief for the look, feel and functionality of the website and brand.

Structured Messaging

We will create detailed messaging frameworks and persuasive sound bites that capture your proposition and structure it as a guide for your content creation. This will ensure that your site speaks to your audience's needs and drives traffic through your funnel.

Content Writing

You'll receive access to content workbooks, tutorials and wireframe writing guides that you'll use with your newly defined messaging to create highly converting and engaging content.

Visual Identity

Our brand design process will personify your business, reflecting the message you want to portray to your audience. We'll create logos, fonts, colours, styling and much more to be applied across your business.

Website design

Drawing from the deep understanding we have gathered of you and your audience, our team will design an engaging user experience focused on providing clear insight and converting leads into clients.

Marketing channels

To finish up, we'll integrate the tools you need to succeed. From social links, forms, payment gateways to email systems and hosting. We'll make sure you have a full suite of tools at your disposal.


The breakdown

We’ll collaborate with you during bi-weekly 1:1 sessions to manage the process, workshop ideas, and plan your strategy. 

We ask that you commit 1 hour per week to these meetings or to curating content for us to utilise. 

We’ll spend the first two weeks taking you through business workshops and exercises, as we get fully immersed. 

After that, our teams will spend their time designing, creating and building, which we’ll present back to you during our meetings.  


Business fundamentals

Visual and brand design

Website design

Marketing Funnels

What we'll be doing

Our process has been hand-crafted, borrowing techniques that we’ve learned from working at high-performing digital agencies and global brands.   

We aim to give you the best client experience, by not only delivering the best result but also making the process easy to follow and integrate.

It really couldn’t be easier. 

During our time together we’ll host a minimum of 4 interactive workshops. These include 2x business immersions and 2x branding design. We’re motivated to make the best possible product, so if we need more we’ll add them in.

Throughout our program we will conduct bi-weekly 1:1 sessions. These are used in part for consulting on your strategy, as well as to review progress.

  • 4 hours of personalised workshops 
  • 8+ hours of 1:1 calls

After the first two immersion sessions we’ll create a holistic overview of your business to capture the current situation. This helps us set the targets,  milestones and quantify your business goals.

From there, we will build your bespoke one-page strategy that guides you with attainable tactics and a long-term vision.

This serves as a guide that you can review as your business grows, to hold you accountable to your own strategy. 

You’ll also have access to consult us on your decision making as we move through the project. 

To aid your content creation, we’ll create a messaging framework for you. This is a document that every brand needs, it provides a lexicon, phrases and wording that speaks to your audience. 

By using this to create your content, your messaging will stay aligned with your strategy and emphasise the core value in your proposition. 

  • 1 Messaging framework
  • 1 Round of revisions 
  • Smart goals & target setting

Only you can create the core of your website copy. Your audience will be attracted to your persona and industry expertise.

That said, by structuring and guiding the process for content creation, you can streamline your effort and produce better quality content. 

Our unique templates, messaging frameworks, live animated wireframe and tutorials will help you structure and produce the best content for your marketing.

  • Access to 3x marketing template
  • Access to the live website wireframe
  • Pre-recorded tutorials

Our team will walk you through a two-part branding design process. The first, captures your vision of the brand in a fun and playful personification workshop.

After this, we’ll go away and create mood boards and concepts for your feedback. The second session is then used to review logo designs, colour pallets and styles that are used across your brand.

The final deliverable is a style guide that guides you on how to apply and use your new branding.

  • 2x branding workshops
  • Mood boards and concepts
  • Logo design, Font selection and colour palettes
  • 1x personalised style guides 

We limit our number of clients to make sure we create best in class website designs. Our user experience designs are hand crafted, and boast creativity. We include page transition animations, mobile designs and much more with all of our packages.  

  • Custom themes 
  • 15x individual component designs 
  • Optimised site speed and usability across mobile and desktop
  • Email domain, with your own @yourdomain email address

The platforms we connect to your website allow you to receive subscribers, payments and let your audience download freebies, learn about events and much more. 

We include the following in our pacakge

  • G-suite set up
  • Linktree social links
  • Elearning platform handoff
  • CovnertKit and mailchimp form integration
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Calendly linking

Each of our sites are bespoke, personalised to your style with technology that is tried and tested. We use a combination of WordPress, Elementor and CSS to achieve the look and feel you’re after.

  • One year of free hosting on private server
  • Elementor Pro lifetime access
  • WordPress and WPForms
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What you end up with

After 10 incredible weeks you’ll be ready to launch your new brand. Together we’ll have shared over 6 hours of 1:1 coaching calls, created a digital strategy, launched a website, designed a brand and set up your marketing.

Then it’s over to you. We’ll still be there in the background and together we can explore how we support you with a small monthly retainer for house keeping and business consultation. 


Our purpose is to help coaches increase their growth by allowing them to focus on their genius. 

That means we only want you to invest your time into setting the vision, learning the key skills and making decisions. We’ll need you to contribute around 1 hour per week to support us.

In return, you’ll walk away with: 

Ready to go? 

Get started

We’re excited to learn about your business and help you grow. Before we commit to a project we schedule a discovery session to make sure that we’re the right fit for you. 

Hear from our clients

Each one of our clients journeys has been different, we’re proud of the people we’ve worked with and all of their success.

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Each of our sites are bespoke, personalised to your style – but the technology under them is tried and tested. We use a combination of WordPress, Elementor and CSS to achieve the look and feel you’re after.

Compressing images and creating content can be an overwhelming task. Our team provides 1:1 support to guide you through this process. We’ll compress it, upload it and publish the content with all of the fundamental SEO mark up.

Often one of the best ways to attract new clients is to offer low ticket items or freebies to download through your website. We’ll create an example landing page for you to use as for these, and teach you how to create a funnel with the marketing tools.

If you’re not used to working with these tool’s don’t worry. Every step of the way we’ll create video tutorials and guides to help you along the way. 

We pride ourselves on making this process easy as easy as we can for you.

Each site is optimised for speed and usability across mobile and desktop.

We’ll set up the site under your domain, with your own @yourdomain email address. We’ll even include one year of free hosting with each of our packages on our bespoke server.

Almost there. Just as important as the marketing website, is the technology you’ll use with it. We’ve created our own suite of tried and tested marketing tools to give you the functionality your business needs. Moreover, we’ve created training video’s to show you how to use them.

We’ll integrate your branding, content and website to give your users a cohesive experience across email and social channels, and web. Then, you’ll be set to start engaging your audience, book meetings make sales.

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