Our story is simple

Following a passion, we found ourselves inspired by female entrepreneurs and coaches. We found a way to serve them. 

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Hey, Im Calvin

I’m the founder of Illuminating People and I’m immensely proud of the journeys, experiences, and people that brought this purpose driven business to life. I’d love to share that story with you.

Taking some of the weight off

Recognising a trend of overwhelmed and burnt-out coaches, losing sight of their passion and not showing up as they would like to be seen, we set out to solve a problem. 

What we found was that the only business and branding advice available was gated behind $15K+ courses, that only provided longer to-do lists, a batch of worn templates to decipher, and more barriers to entry. 

There and then we decided to work with coaches we believed in, and use our marketing expertise to help them get heard.

The secret

Even the top-tier brands are not designing their own aesthetic and they’re certainly not building they’re digital experiences. 

Instead, they turn to experts to work on their behalf, allowing them to focus on their genius. For coaches, we want you to invest in running programs, holding space for those who need it and educating your students. 

That’s why Illuminating People are here, to take things off of your plate, and leave you to being a coach. 

We exist

Our purpose is to help coaches to increase their reach by allowing them to focus in their genius. We’ve mastered our craft by designing experiences for brands, creating strategies for businesses and helping companies grow.

Imagine having that resource behind your coaching business, guiding you through branding, digital experience and messaging?

Becoming a Digital Nomad

I was fortunate enough to build a career across London’s leading creative agencies where I learned how to generate six-figure sales, craft persuasive messaging and produce branded platforms and campaigns.

In 2020, I left the corporate world in pursuit of something more creative to fill my passion for UX design. I’d only made it as far as Bali when I fell in love with remote working and authentic communities, so I launched an agency building platforms and supporting corporate marketing campaigns.

Working with empowered leaders

As time went by I was introduced to ever more talented coaches struggling to bring their vision to life, paralysed by their marketing and with only business coaches to turn to for advice. 

After building brands and strategies and launching so many sites for passionate people, I realised that this was my calling and Illuminating People was born!

Today, we leverage best-in-class teams; our unique method for collaborating with coaches and designs to alleviate the strain of running a business on your own, by joining your team and doing the heavy lifting for you.

A key selling point for me is Calvin and his team’s commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs. He has personally supported female-founded businesses for years, which gave me even more confidence that this was the right choice for me. From one female founder to another, work with this team. You will not regret it.

How we help

With the purpose of providing a ‘done for you service’, we limit your investment. We’ll hold several workshops to become immersed in your story and ambitions. 

From those, we’ll create messaging frameworks and designs and use feedback loops to make sure that the final product aligns with your vision.

Our 10 Week Accelerator Program

how to get started

If you’re a coach looking to build your personal brand, connect with an audience, or scale your offering, then check out our 10 week process!

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