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Jenelle annette

Jenelle is on a mission to help women heal patterns of self-sabotage & unhealthy relationships, so they can become more confident, authentic, and lead a more empowered life. 

We’re proud to help her voice be heard. 

The brief

Jenelle's coaching practice had grown organically over 5 years, seeing her facilitate astonishingly vulnerable journeys for over one hundred women.

As it came time for her to business to evolve, Jenelle turned to Illuminating People to reinvigorate her brand, plan her strategy and build platforms that let her reach a larger audience - and serve them in a meaningful way.

“Before I worked with illuminating people I lacked a clear message. I knew the depths of what I wanted to convey and what I was about, but when it came to really communicating that it in a way that was going to land with my audience I lacked clarity.

I had a tonne of unclear content before we started, which really lost the potency of what I was trying to say, and just made people tune out against the wall of text.

Throughout the 10 week process, we clarified my messaging, and we created an amazing brand identity which I am so excited about. It was so fun to get creative, and really just feel supported in making that vision come to life.”

Getting ready to grow

With options to scale her group program, 1:1's, live training or facilitation practice, Jenelle's first priority was to identify a roadmap for her business growth over the next 12 months.

Together, we identified her ambitions, needs and wants, to get clear on the steps she'd need to take to achieve those goals. By quantifying those with numbers, mile stones and priority, we looked to alleviate the expectation of doing everything at once.

We captured those tactics in a simple to follow strategy that gave us a guide to refer to as we moved on to make our design and decision making process.

Discovery workshop

With a whiteboard marker in hand, we dove in to workshops that immersed us in the transformations that Janelle facilitates, pulling back the curtain and giving us a deep understanding of what the audience would experience and what would be important to them.

Identifying the needs that Jenelle's audience looks to her for lead us to craft messaging that directly reflects their needs. From there, we crafted a mission and supporting soundbites that spoke directly to her audience and made sure they felt heard.

It was at this point we recognised the importance of steadily nurturing her audience with insightful content, to begin to challenge their limiting beliefs and prepare them to work inside her container.

“Calvin really has an amazing knowledge of how to lay things out to capture my audience’s attention. The website created with illuminating people is not only ascetically pleasing, creative, and fun it’s also converting. It supports my brand identity and reflects who I really am, who I’m here to serve, and what I’m all about.

I definitely recommend working with illuminating people. You will not be disappointed, you’ll have a lot of fun throughout the process as well as having a lot of work off your plate. Unlike most other business coaches, Calvin actually takes things off your plate and does the work of creating the website and putting everything together for you.

10/10 recommend it, go and check them out!”

Great design evokes emotion

From our deep immersion process, we wrote a design brief to create a brand that was empathetic, approachable, and told stories through Jenelle's sacred symbolism, as well as her beautiful artwork.

We then went on to build an online experience that focused on sharing. We curated blogs and podcasts, whilst making use of resources that Jenelle had created over time to support her client's confidence.

We also built a library of video and written testimonials to help build social proof of the transformations that were possible.

Once the structure was built, Jenelle used our content writing guides and messaging framework to tell her personal story which really reinforced what is possible through the modalities she teaches.

We're incredibly proud to work with her, as she changes ever more women's lives.


Amber Toal

Founded by Amber Toal, BlackBox is a marketing consultancy and resource hub designed to solve the core marketing challenges of Executive Coaches and Executive Coaching firms.

Being seen

After years of putting off her vision to build a consultancy, Amber reached out to Illuminating People to help launch her business, and apparently she thought that was a pretty good decision!

By following the tried and tested workflow and templates we'd created for structuring ideas and content, we were able to avoid the biggest challenge that most entrepreneurs run into, decision fatigue.

“The processes and resources shared made the entire launch seamless and stress-free. I’ve worked with dozens of agencies and marketing teams to bring client brands to market and never experienced such a streamlined launch.”

In the business

Together we built a go-to-market strategy that would build a business that not only meets her immediate ambitions and needs, but also lays the foundations for future growth. That way, we could focus our energy on her current needs.

Once we understood how the business model would scale, we came to the name 'Blackbox' to help differentiate Amber from her consultancy as she shifts from selling her time as a freelancer to a consultancy selling solutions.

“A key selling point for me is Calvin and his team’s commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs. He has personally supported female-founded businesses for years, which gave me even more confidence that this was the right choice for me. From one female founder to another, work with this team. You will not regret it.” 

Making noise with minimalism

As the Executive Coaching industry operates in their masculine, we knew from the get go, that the core of the brand would be bold with clean lines to reflect that. However, Amber's visualisation of an industrial New York apartment with soft plush touches, really helped us to see her vision for the design and integrate a strong feminine energy to her brand.

With subtle animation, delicate fonts, and muted colours we created a user centric experience and a hub for learning. The final product engages users and takes them through a journey that prompts them to book a call with Amber.

Nikki Bartol

Nikki Bartol combines money mindset with practical money management strategies to help you learn how to consciously spend, attract and manage your money!

Attracting the avoidant

When entrepreneurs start their businesses, they're often doing so because they're passionate about the service they offer. What they're less excited about is managing their finances.

Nikki spent 9 years as a corporate accountant, before trading her desk for a rucksack and becoming a digital nomad.

She recognised how many of her network were intimidated by their numbers and sought out to build a program that was more approachable than the very masculine world of corporate accountants.

Changing the colour of money

With an accelerated deadline, we took Nikki through a series of immersive workshops to capture her vision, the challenges she'd set out to address and the message that she was trying to convey.

We structured her proposition into 3 services, money mindset, management and planning, recognising that these were the pain points her clients came to her with.

We blended her whimsical and playful personality, with an informative professional feel to create an aesthetic that was applied to workbooks, social channels and her website.

“I continuously get compliments about my website, and all of the content I create with the brand guidelines Illuminate made for me. I still struggle to believe how easy it is to create new content with these guides, it makes marketing my business so much easier to scale.

Its been 18 months since we worked together, and their work still continues to generate leads, opportunities, and help my student learn through the workbook designs.”

Gaining success

With big ambitions and a flurry of opportunities in the pipeline, we quickly built Nikki's website and landing pages that we integrated with her email marketing and technologies.

Within weeks of launching her site, Nikki was in high demand so we continued to help her implement her branding by creating workbooks, presentation templates, onboarding documents and proposals.

Today she's facilitating huge shifts in her clients lives, and we couldn't recommend working with her more!

Kristine Bayles

Kristine spent 25+ years preparing police candidates to perform in hostile environments. Now she’s helping others to perform at their highest levels while under pressure, stress, and fatigue, by providing them with cognitive tools, mechanisms and mindset training.

Bridging a gap in policing

Meet Kristine, police and surveillance specialist, Pentathelete and all-round badass. After mastering her craft for 25 years, she noticed a gap in the police departments training that left officers without the cognitive skills needed to perform under stress.

She set out to create a support system that she knew would capture the mental and cognitive training front line workers require to perform to the highest standard. Illuminating People stepped in to give this program the spotlight it deserves.

Rewriting beliefs

Through our workshop style sessions we helped Kristine to step out of her comfort zone and tell the stories that gave her such a successful career. We condensed these anecdotes and opinions into a clear, persuasive messaging framework with propositions, sound bites, and pillars for Kristine to use confidently across her business.

We also created a long term strategy and provided a breakdown of the short term tactics to help her achieve her goals. By keeping these SMART, we were able to give her a strategy that was both easy to implement but also measurable in key performance indicators that would hold her accountable.

“Working with Illuminating Peoples 10 week process was the best decision I made for my business. Calvin and his team over delivered in everyway.

They broke down my story to create a dynamic and authentic brand message, that really represents me and my accomplishments. They did this in such a personal way, with meaningful conversations and 1:1 sessions.

We’re continuing to develop the business as we stride towards launching the website.”

The final product

Once we had established a direction, we were tasked with creating a brand that would speak to the new-age coaching industry, as well as the legacy public service sector.

Through in depth design workshops, we identified a traditional style, with modern elements that would bring the experience of the page quite literally, out of the shadows.

We're weeks away from launching this new brand, as Kristine already begins to unlock opportunities with her new proposition.

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Kristine Bayles

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"Illuminate helped me ask myself the right questions while empowering me with the knowledge and skills to find the answers that I need to scale my business. Their guidance built my business confidence and know-how, which has immediately translated into the growth of my coaching business!"
Nicole S
Education Coach
"I can't recommend Illuminate enough. They helped me understand my strengths better than I could myself – their help and guidance in restructuring the way I work has been a complete game-changer for my business. The tools I've gained from our coaching sessions have enabled me to level up in ways I didn't think were achievable."
Lucia G
As a creative, it’s incredibly important to surround myself with individuals who I believe help cultivate the best in me. Being mentored by Calvin has simply brought out the best in me. I wouldn’t be passionately, confidently, and purposefully walking the creative entrepreneurial path I am today without his wisdom, belief, support, light, and passion"
Dahlia M
"The guidance of the coaches has supported me in uncovering different opportunities to leverage my skillset and build out aligned and profitable offerings. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about various business structures and how to structure engagements with clients to be both profitable and aligned to your personal and business goals."
Chloe H
Proccess Engineer